Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the World Stage...

I am distracted. Yesterday I spent most of the day doing research for my next book. The material is fascinating and heart wrenching. I want to start writing but I am more nervous than usual about this project. The stakes are high and more than ever before I want to get this one right. I have personal reasons for feeling this way. I hope I can do it justice. It may be the most important book I ever write.

If that was not distracting enough, some time in the middle of the night tonite the ICU cheerleading competition will begin in Orlando, Florida. My eldest is competing as part of Team New Zealand. I find it difficult to watch my children compete at sports. The whole time my heart is in my mouth. My fingers, toes, and a few other things are crossed for a good performance. Good luck sweetie. Over the weekend she is also competing in the Allstar World Cheerleading comp in a co-ed senior team. Tomorrow my son plays soccer (last weekend he was captain of his team and they won their first game of the season) and sunday my other daughter has stage challenge practice. She has a lead role. I'm very proud of my three. They are an amazing bunch. Good luck to all of them.

Oh, and because I don't like to be distracted alone, here is today's juicy link. Read Maureen Crisps latest thought provoking post on ways authors can help themselves at her smart and well-informed blog Craic-er


KarenG said...

Good luck to all of you!!

maureen said...

My goodness...Thankyou....I particularly like the name of your blog because I read it all the time when I should be writing!!!lol

Old Kitty said...


I wish your daughter all the best with the cheerleading competition - you must be very proud and also one nervous parent too!! And also to your son's football game and your other daughter's stage challenge practice! Phew!!! I can see why your heart will be very much in your mouth this week!! GOOD LUCK!!

And thank you for that link to Craic-er! I like how she quotes

"The quickest way to get noticed is by publishing quality work, the quickest way to get dismissed is by producing junk"

We hope so!! I just worry about quality control so much!!

And really GOOD LUCK with your research!!! I'm very intrigued!!!

Take care