Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mum, why are you not psychic...

Do not give your daughter a sugar doughnut when she is on the computer. Do not take the cat and the dog to the vet at the same time on your own. Do not leave preparation for a two and a half hour workshop till the last day.

Ah, school holidays. No having to get up early and manage preparations for the day ahead for three school aged children. No having to listen to disapproval of available breakfast and/or school lunch options (Mum, why are you not psychic about what i really feel like eating right now, and no, not knowing myself is not an excuse Mum) and then the making of sandwiches etc...that will probably not get eaten. Taxi driving them during the day as well as in the afternoon and evening. And why are they always walking past when I am playing computer solitaire instead of working on my next magnus opus. These would be heavy crosses to bear if my offspring weren't fab. Fortunately they are all fab. This is all just another turn in the cycle of life, wherein I am being reminded that getting up early to sort them out for the school day means I then have the computer and control of the rest of the day to myself. And time to remember how much I enjoy their company and how nice it is not to have to get up early and manage preparations for the day ahead...

I'm off to write a workshop I am delivering on 'writing for children' tomorrow.

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Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK with your workshop - I'm sure it'll go brilliantly!!

And glad you are enjoying your kids and the holidays. I think I'd have eaten the donut and got child to take dog and cat to the vets!


Take care