Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't let it rain on their parade...

I've learnt a lot from all those forensic crime shows on the telly-box. We'd hoped to communicate with my eldest while she is in the US at cheerleading competitions via text but her mobile didn't connect to the network over there. So I have had to become a forensic Mum. I got to see her performance for the International Cheer Union World Competition on the internet. She was also in the opening ceremony parade and in the front row for team NZ as they received their bronze medals for coming third out of 11 countries in the Elite Co-ed division. So I could tell she was alive and whats more was the daughter of a very proud mum. I was able to keep tabs on her debit card and make sure she hadn't run out of money (eek it wasn't working at first but I got that sorted) and checking in on that again today she is definitely still alive as the money is just about all gone. As her team didn't come in the top three for the Allstar World Cheerleading comp over the weekend I had no idea how they fared with that. The top three teams in all divisions were from the US. Its their sport and they excel at it, especially in the co-ed division. My other daughter had a txt from a friend this morning to say Team NZ came 8th in that one. Well done guys. Cheerleading is still a very young sport in NZ - we've come very far, very fast. My eldest will be home tomorrow morning - yay! (and it'll be my turn to do a little cheer).

I had some lovely feedback from a participant of the workshop I conducted at the beginning of the month as part of the Seminar Series run by the St Heliers Writers group. The series was very well organised and I got to work with such a fabulous bunch of people with some amazing stories.

...Please tell Melinda how much I enjoyed her Writing for Children morning. Nice group of students and I think we all felt we'd learnt a lot in a short time. perfect place for seminar, loved it... - Pam

I've had a few other positive comments from other attendees and I'm really pleased people enjoyed my presentation and got something out of it.

I had an author visit at Greenhithe Primary School yesterday. What great children and teachers and how lucky they are to have such a fabulous librarian, Jayne. There were definitely some budding writers and illustrators there and thanks to Ryley for the lovely picture. I am also pleased to report that my first ever power point presentation worked. Some finessing is required but the technology did its job. Thanks again to Jayne who set eveything up to make things trouble free for me. I hope the sun shines for their bookweek parade on Friday.


maureen said...

A power point presentation...ooooh Melinda the kids would have loved it!
Value added author presentations the news will get around and we will all have to up our game...
Can you imagine a 'literary author' doing that?

word verification bonalumo...is it Italian for big light bulb...appropriate for your post.

Old Kitty said...

Well done your daughter!!!!

And isn't the internet great for things like catching up on such competitions??

And it's so lovely to hear that you had a successful and productive workshop.

And I just attended a beginner's guide to powerpoint presentations and enjoyed changing the template and colours on powerpoint 2007! LOL!

Librarian Jayne sounds wonderful!

Take care