Monday, July 13, 2009

Glad I made sense...

Update - for the moment you can find my interview here if you scroll down.

Okay - so I've gotten over myself but I haven't sorted out the link yet for my interview last Saturday. Will stick it up as soon as I figure it out (shows what a good university education will do for ya).

I have slowly been processing the whole interview experience and so far wonder why Emily Perkins - on the radio before me last saturday - disapproves of Harry Potter. Also wonder why we really didn't talk so much about writery things but more about my wild and misspent youth (ha ha). I had anticipated more writery questions and was a bit surprised about the direction it all took. For those who tuned in I'm glad I still made sense though. My facial expressions would have been fun to watch.

(One of the questions was, Where do we draw the line on how scary a story can be? I've had a go at adding to my interview answer here.)

Now awhile back I mentioned secrets. None were big ones, just lots of small but potentially cute chicks incubating. Out of eleven little robust eggs, sadly four chicks didn't make it out of the shell (there were tears) but one burst forth yesterday looking very fat, fluffy and pleased with itself. Still keeping 6 remaining eggs suitably warm and waiting to see what hatches. Will tell more as soon as I am able.

In other news I have just finished the first draft of a new picture book. Yowza - happy with that. And just came across this excellent write up on advice for writers on how to act in public. I like that there is just one simple rule - be nice. I even think I can manage it. Thanks to Moonrat hanging out at Editorial Ass.

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Welshcake said...

Hope your chick grows into a big fat hen. Or even a golden goose!

Keep us posted.