Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do unto others...

There's been a lot said over the last few days on some of my favourite blogs about author Alice Hoffman's public brain explosion over a slightly less then loving review of her most recent book (you can read about it here). Name calling is frowned upon on any occasion but I think giving out personal contact details for the reviewer and asking fans to get 'in touch' was the height of stupidity. I haven't agreed with everything ever said about my books but I find a darkened room without any means of communication with the outside world to do my seething in. I don't like everything I read, so why should I expect anyone else to be different. However Ms Hoffman's melt down gave me the opportunity to read this and in addition to it being sound advice, I almost laughed my head right off. Thanks to Jane Smith at How Publishing Really Works for posting the link.

I also hopped on over to writer Mary McCallum's blog this morning via Beattie's Blog and found her piece on character excellent. You should read it too, whether you find writing good characters easier than making cornflakes and milk for breakfast, or not.

And for anyone waiting to hear my news, don't worry, when I hear it you'll be almost the first to know. This is the first lesson of publishing. Everything in publishing takes 50 million times longer than it does in the normal world. And no Maureen, I'm not going to be on Dancing with the Stars, despite my dancing skills. The day a NZ writer for children is considered celebrity enough to appear on this show I will eat my shorts.

And here are a few snippets of info about me

I'm 5 foot three inches tall, I am the youngest of four, I can only speak english, and both my parents are Polish. I love to travel and my last name is pronounced Shi-manic.

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Fifi Colston said...

So much better than size-manic...
You do know that all your friends take it on as their mission in life to correctly pronounce your surname and let the world know too don't you? Still curious about the news but can only asume that it has you buoyed up which is a GOOD thing in this old industry. In the words of Mr Spock... (may your books) live long and prosper.