Monday, March 30, 2009

You meet some really nice people in the blogosphere...

Had huge fun yesterday participating in a pitch party at How Publishing Really Works. Basically commenters were invited to pitch their blog in the comments section and the only rule was that each commenter had to visit and comment at three other blogs pitched. As you can see I have now added two new blogs to my list of cool people (and may yet add more). I might never have come across these blogs otherwise so big thanks to Jane Smith at How Publishing Really Works. You too should go say hi to Katy and Welshcake.

Loved this post the other day at hey, There's a Dead Guy in My Living Room, where an editor talks about the moment during editing where he doubts the book (called The Moment of Suck) and he compares it to the phenomenon I feel all too familiar with where writers look at their manuscript and say this is the worst story ever written on this planet, why go on? It usually comes just past half way when you've made a big time and effort investment. I'm falling in and out of love with my current WIP on a weekly basis and it has been hard to push myself forward. Sometimes these things aren't a moment long, they are weeks long. As an editor, at least there must have been a point at which you looked at the completed manuscript and said this rocks but as a writer with only half a story written and the other half a vague tangled mess inside your head it can be difficult to find that passion that lead you through writing the first half. Oh for short stories and picture books that don't mess with your head anywhere near as much.

I have also been scratching my head over this google settlement business. It doesn't seem to apply to me - none of my books have made it to the US (yet) but based on everything I've read about the whole thing so far I can not be entirely sure. Trying to figure it out makes my brain hurt and I had been planning on ignoring the whole thing but I'd rather be 100% sure it doesn't apply to me before I dismiss it. If i ever reach some sort of understanding I shall pass it on.

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Katy said...

Hi again Melinda. I love your post. That's so true - I sometimes wish that one could just download the contents of one's head direct to the pc like some sort of organic I-Tunes. Actually, that makes me sound a bit weird - blame reading & watching too much Sci-Fi at too young an age... :-)

Thank you again for dropping by and for your kind words and the link on your blog. I'll link to yours right now!

And by the way - a mangle is a device (two rollers turned by hand) to help get the water out of your clothes etc once you've washed them. I had a look on the interweb for a picture for you and found this at Wiki: