Friday, March 13, 2009

Jack and I do like a good review...

I'm off to a few book launches over the next three weeks - for a picture book, The Cat with No Name by Sher Foley and Brian Lovelock (on Saturday 14th at Mainly Toys, 4pm), a junior novel Tough Enough by Tania Hutley (at Jabberwocky Books on Monday 23rd at 6pm), and an adult novel, Weathered Bones by Michele Poweles, (details tba). This feels good on so many levels: books are still being published, good things are happening to my friends, people are still celebrating. This weekend at the Auckland Festival Brian Falkner will be reading from his new book The Tomorrow Code on saturday in the Spiegel Tent and Lorraine Orman from her new book Haunted on sunday. Go hear them. I'm enjoying The Tomorrow Code so far, and certain elements of the story are really appealing to my secret inner science geek ( I am a science graduate after all). I have to say, the whole concept of a mobius strip may do my head in though. Good fun!

An author friend and also my agent alerted me to the happy fact of a nice review by Jenny Millar in the latest Magpie magazine (volume 24, page six of the NZ section) for my book Jack the Viking. Yay. The review is a bit spoilery so I will not quote the whole thing here but it closes with:

This is a great adventure story that describes the everyday life and ordeals of the Viking people. The novel also explores the world of adolescent boys, their secret attraction to girls, competitiveness, and power struggles. Highly recommended for the school library.

Also perfectly good for home libraries as well!

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