Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fritter, fritter, fritter...

All children now at school. I'm still not sure I believe my youngest is now eleven and at intermediate school. I'll probably still be in denial when he's in the workforce, and married with children of his own. Of course now I am ALONE in an EMPTY house all my old bad procrastinating diversionary tactics have sprung back up like they were never gone. I have already frittered away too much time today. I have tweaked a few short stories and that is about it.

I am currently also musing on the future of books and their fusing with technology. After so many years of loving books to bits and being desperate to hold ones with my own name on the cover in my hands I really struggle with the idea that what i write in future may only exist in an electronic form. I'm not ready! And like my view about the speed with which my children are growing up, I am in denial. Don't people realise that a book doesn't need a power source. It can be read anywhere (okay, except underwater and probably a few other places as well like an unlit cave or something) but you don't have to have a wall socket or batteries or anything like that. There are no exhaust fumes or unhealthy emissions or waste products from reading a book (okay there will be some from the reader especially if they're eating and/or drinking at the same time). Please world, don't move past books made of ink and paper. For a start, would Cornelia Funke's Inkheart be possible as Electronheart? - i don't think so. There's magic in books and an electronic version can't completely replicate that.

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