Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can you get blogger's block...?

Can you get blogger's block? I don't subscribe to writer's block at all. Sometimes I'm stuck on a story and it can take a while to decide how the story should proceed or what the best solution is to a problem. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood or other aspects of my life are taking precedence. Sometimes the creative juices run low and need a top up. But I can't help thinking that applying the term 'writer's block' is like the kiss of death, a self fulfilling prophesy, or opening a big bad can of fat nasty worms. Writer's block has that whiff of being potentially fatal. Something that might be insurmountable, unconquerable, life-long. Once it gets in your head, like a parasite, it never wants to leave. It sets up shop, messes with your head, and gets comfy. Before you know it its wearing lounge pants, a smoking jacket, putting its feet up on your ottoman and choosing the tv channels. I say, never, ever invite this creep in. Some years back I decided to be a non-subscriber to writer's block and I am happy to report this has worked very well so far. I have my good writing patches and my bad. Some things take longer than others to work through like a particularly gnarly knot. But I am confident that, while the mojo might leave the building, or even pack its bags and have a little holiday, sometimes even offshore, it always comes back. We belong together, my mojo and I. I would never ever say those WB words in its presence and it respects me for that. So even though I have got a thousand thoughts in my head at the moment and not one thing will step aside to let the other out the door and onto the blog page I guess I answered my own question. No you can't get bloggers block. And i've just written the blog post to prove it :)

Stay tuned for future outings of those thousand thoughts in upcoming blog posts!

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Penny said...

Great blog entry, Melinda! Terrific writing - no WB there.