Monday, December 10, 2012

Going dark in colour...

This blog is going dark till Christmas (in a colourful way of course, cos that's how I roll) as tomorrow I am off on a much needed holiday with my famdamily. I have a thousand and one chores to do and no minions to palm them off on so today's post will be brief. Instead of words I have decided to regale you with some pictures. Here in no particular order -

the cake I made for my niece's 21st. I made four chocolate cakes for this, and hand cut 21 stars. It tasted very nice.

We dressed up for the occasion (my eldest and I)

And I'm embarrassed to say my advance copy of A Winter's day in 1939 came to the party too (hanging out here with Elora and my SO)

My middle child was in the YASC's terrific production of The Taming of the Shrew as the haberdasher
and the widow
and finally someone took a picture of my son so I can confirm he is not just a figment of my imagination
So there you have it. Talk amongst yourselves in my absence and I look forward to hanging out with you on my return. Keep safe and have a very happy Christmas


Anonymous said...

Melinda, I told you, you could have a second career as a baker! Serious talents in that dept, girl, so kudos. It's good to know you're taking a break after working so hard all year. Was it three books you put out in '12? Or more? Whew. On second thoughts, you don't have time to be a baker...
Yvette Carol

Old Kitty said...

My goodness, Melinda!! Your family are super models! Wow!! How gorgeous are all of you!!! Even as gorgeous is THAT CAKE!!! LOL!!

Have a brilliant brilliant holiday season! Enjoy your break, enjoy your Christmas and have a great New Year!

Take care