Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two girls...and a boy

Our globe-trotting eldest is home, shivering in the current wintry blast after the tropical idyll that is Miami. She is changed but still her very brilliant, funny, loving self. She is fit and healthy and brown as a berry and we are amazed and impressed with what she has been up to while she was away. Very excited to have her home and looking forward to what comes next.

Second child had a fierce final week for term two at school with Drama class production (for NCEA assessment), music performances (for NCEA assessment) and the 2012 Stage Challenge performance. This was the culmination of months of work by a dedicated team of students who developed a storyline and choreographed dances to represent that storyline, practised the dances, made costumes, designed make-up and lighting, built props and much more. Our girl was a choreographer and helped teach and drill the dancers in their jazz steps. In the past Epsom Girls Grammar has performed on a Wednesday night. They have won their night for the last two years. In 2011 they were second overall nationally behind overall winners St Cuthberts. This year they were switched to Thursday night and were competing against some very, very strong competition including St Cuthberts and Baradene Colleges. My SO and I managed to make it in for part of the Stage Challenge Show. EGGS knocked it out of the park in a dramatic, haunting performance with the audience gasping at the final climax. EGGS won the night and we were very proud.

Our youngest has been doing his Dad (and Mum) proud in the club soccer team (which SO coaches) and they are looking very starry at the top of the table right now. Son also plays school team and futsal and on the weekend after playing his game for third and fourth play off, was invited to play in the final and won a first place medal for his efforts. Wow. Sadly son is camera shy and I have no photo to post here at the moment.

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