Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little bits ....

I have spoken before about New Zealand's country of honour status at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair and NZ@Frankfurt and expressed my disappointment at the approach that has been taken with this terrific opportunity. Many members of the children's lit community here in NZ have been discussing our concerns at length and are getting behind an open letter to organisers that summarises these. Go here to listen to a radio interview on the topic.

I would be doubly sad if my previous comments are dismissed as sour grapes because I am not going to Frankfurt. Seriously! it doesn't have to be me, although as a writer with a growing book list I would be a fool not to want to go. I am allowed to want to go. But I accept that others might be well ahead of me in the queue. It just doesn't seem like they are going either. The Frankfurt Book Fair this year should be a platform for NZ writers. Other endeavours have their own platforms - this one is for literature from this country.

I am the Star Author this month at the Christchurch City Libraries Christchurch Kids Blog. Check out my first post here. Its extremely cool to be able to connect with book-loving kids and I am very grateful and honoured to have the opportunity.

I also have a guest post and free book giveaways this week over at the fabulous Tall Tales and Short Stories Blog as part of their on going 100,000 hits celebrations. Go check it out.

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Old Kitty said...

Well your glowing achievements listed here are the loudest raspberries you can give to these organisers! Take care