Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last chance...

If you have not already entered my fantabulous giveaway of 2 signed copies of The Half Life of Ryan Davis, and you still want to - THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! You have been warned. Here are the instructions again, in case they fell out of your head and broke on the pavement.

 The Half Life of Ryan Davis (was) Book of the Week over at Pear Jam Books and in conjunction we are running a giveaway of two signed copies. To enter the giveaway just tell me (in the comments) which book was the first Pear Jam title to be published (Hint, this super book was created for a very special reason and was published in the record quick time of just one month). All correct answers will go in the draw!!

I will be drawing the winners tomorrow.

I am currently massaging a picture book manuscript into shape and reconfiguring a novel for intermediate readers so today's blog is short and sharp. In the meantime, I am rather liking this post here by Nathan Bransford - a nifty list of ten commandments for editing someone else's book. This is very good advice. In fact I think you should apply it to your own book as well. Standing back from the nitty gritty is necessary to see the global problems, issues and fixes needed before you can get back to fussing over individual words.

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