Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have not forgotten about Jack the Viking: Magnetic North...

It is very exciting when someone responds this way to something I have written. Thank you Brill, over at  Random Acts of Reviewing ( a brilliant name for a book review blog IMHO) for your very nice review of my book The Half Life of Ryan Davis.

I have finished (for the meantime) one project (yay!!) and I'm now at work on the next - the rewrite of Jack the Viking: Magnetic North. Hopefully this won't take me more than a couple of months (fingers crossed). I need to get cracking on my research project for my university paper although I have my topic sorted which in some respects is probably the hardest part of the whole endeavour (yay!!) and what's more my topic revolves around one of my most favourite recent reads (double yay with lashings of whipped things). I also have a new role as a NZ Authors mentor (yay some more!!). I'm really looking forward to working together with my assigned mentee on her writing project. I was a mentee on the scheme back in 2005/6 and it was a huge boost for my writing and for me personally. I am very happy to have the opportunity to pay it forward.

My eldest is nearing the end of her time away in the US and she is wrapping things up in style. This weekend just past she went to Prom with a good friend Ayla at Ayla's school (so she still has Prom at her own school to come). Here they are - Elora and Ayla - looking absolutely gorgeous.

and lucky Elora also got to go to Key West over Spring Break (we went there for a day during our family East-Coast-of-the-US odyssey back in 2007). Here she is with (almost all of) her host family The Glissons. Thank you Glisson family for taking great care of my daughter.


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow! You have a mentee!! That's brilliant! LOL!! Lucky lucky mentee!!

And your daughter is beautiful too! Big wave to the Glisson family! Take care

Leeann said...

Ok that explains why I can't find 'Magnetic North' on fishpond, wheelers or amazon. I have a little boy here at school who is reading the first and wants me to buy the second book. (I'm a primary school librarian) I've just told him and he wants you to hurry and finish it! :-)

Melinda Szymanik said...

Hi Leeann - great to hear a keen reader is after the second book. I am hard at work on it now. If the waiting gets too much let me know and I will send through the first few chapters for him to read.


Farro Howard said...

Hi, I have a very keen 7-year-old reader (and would be author) who has been searching for Jack the Viking and the magnetic north. Are you close to being finished? Could you send him a teaser? Rebecca

Melinda Szymanik said...

Hi Rebecca - the rewrite is taking me longer than I anticipated and I've been a bit busier than I expected so it is not quite finished yet. But I would be very happy to send a teaser. If you email me at I will reply with the first few chapters.