Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London's burning...

I wish it was just an old Clash song replaying in my head. I have been getting a glimpse of the literary classic Beowulf through my studies recently. What terrifying creatures lie in wait for us in the dark, preparing to strike terror in to our hearts and separate us cruelly from the living world? How violent is humankind, energized by hate and greed? How different are our stories now, how civilized we have become since Viking times, since the days of swords and warriors? Not civilized enough - apparently modern man is still capable of looting, burning and pillaging like the days of old. It is frightening to watch the anarchy descending on London right now. Are we just violent creatures at heart or have these eleven year old children been pushed to it by socio-economic forces? After watching a double episode of UK series Silent Witness recently with gang violence as its central theme I fear for where this is all heading. Are we breeding a new Viking warrior?

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