Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't try cure your kids of stubborn - it comes in handy in adulthood if you're a writer

And they just keep coming - sometimes uplifting and a clear reminder of how, even though you are just hanging on by your fingernails, you have to keep hanging on - Thanks to Janet Reid for the link.

Or sometimes it's the voice of reason - (via Beattie's Blog) - which, having written a YA to be published later this year with some close physical contact of the boy-girl kind, I was grateful to read. Sex is a normal part of the world we live in. Teenagers want to know what it's like. Books give them a chance to check it out before they check it out in person.

And for a book that just might knock your socks off (dammit) - read this review of Florence and Giles at Nicola Morgan's blog -

In other news, The House That Went to Sea is now for sail in smart bookshops and online. There have been a few reviews and I will post these up soon.

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