Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Googled yourself lately?...

If you are a regular, dear reader, you may know I do enjoy googling myself. As I have come to realize over time, it can be the best way to discover news about yourself. Yesterday I fell over the interesting snippet that my picture book The Were-Nana can now be found in the Boston University Library. Of course this is not ground-breaking, wallet stuffing news but it warmed my heart none the less. To paraphrase an old beer commercial, "they're reading my book over there." Googling oneself is also a reminder of how the world is seeing you. This is the information that Joe Public, googling your name, will stumble across. It is always good to keep this in mind when wittering into the ether. I think its good to have a presence on the internet and good to keep an eye on it.

And as you pound the (metaphorical) pavements in the marathon of getting and staying published here are some juicy links to bandaid those blisters and joggers chafe with... One from Crabbit Old Bat Nicola Morgan on the question of whether Editors ever make 'mistakes' and the other from children's lit agent Jennifer Laughran on why it can take so long for a book to come out. All her points are fair ones. The book publishing process is not a simple one and its helpful to have an insight into the contributing factors that can delay a book. Of course on the other side of the coin is the fact that when they really want to, a publisher can shorten this time considerably. But in the end the bottom line is that they publish it. If the reasons are good ones I for one, don't mind waiting.

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Old Kitty said...

Yay for the Boston University Library - they've got great taste!!

I did google myself once but my name is so generic, I have a million and three dopplegangers all over the world!!

Take care