Sunday, February 13, 2011

All these feelings are exhausting

I think writers may well be a psychiatrist's dream. Being an emotional sort probably helps me write. They're all there, the full array of emotions; available to explore for a scene and experienced personally to enable credibility. I get envious about other writer's successes and feel guilty about my own in turn. I have had some very good things happen. I am published. I have had some rubbish things happen that haven't happened to other published writers I know. I get down when my writing isn't going well or I get rejected. I get down when I look at my writing income. I get uptight when adult writers behave as if writing for children is something that requires little or no skill (yes Martin Amis I'm looking at you). I get uptight when people in positions of authority suggest the arts are not important and/or are frivolous (yes Paula Bennett I'm looking at you). I get deliriously happy when I get a yes or someone compliments my writing. I get nervous before a workshop or school visit. And the frustrations....lets just not go there. So if you are anything like me you will be grateful for strategies to help you overcome the less pleasant emotions that plague you. Chocolate does indeed help you recover from an attack by the dementors. I eat a lot of chocolate. If I get bad news I let myself be mad and sad about it but I try and work through these quickly. The envy is tricky because in addition to being jealous I get annoyed with myself for being jealous. The Rejectionist has excellent advice (and a seriously entertaining read) on dealing with writer envy here. You need to do whatever it is that keeps you sane in the insanity of the world in general and the writing world in particular. And I have to remember I wouldn't have so many ups and downs if I wasn't putting myself out there so much. You take risks? Sometimes they won't pay off. I try not to stay and dwell on it. I keep trying to move forward.


Fifi Colston said...

The Rejectionist- brilliant! haha, we have all been there, are currently there and forever there because the human spirit is competitive; kill the mammoth or starve. Ands it's what keep us going.
Great post Melinda.

Old Kitty said...

Thanks a bunch for the fun link to the Rejectionist blog post!! I think I'm at that stage where I get a little less green around the gills when someone younger and prettier and more fabulous than me gets their writing rewards!! LOL!!! But then that's because I've come to accept that I'm not such a big deal. If my story is liked, yay, if not, ho-hum, back to the drawing board. I find it less stressful to just chill and be accepting of my many limited talents and to concentrate on my good ones - like writing awful poetry - no-on but no-one writes as awful poetry as me! No- one!!!! LOL!

Take care

maureen said...

Great post as ever....keep on putting it out
Kia Kaha