Thursday, December 2, 2010

But edipubligents, do you not want to clear the decks?

I don't think there are too many writers out there who think they have picked an easy career. The road to publication can be like an army assault course. Not everyone lasts the distance and the reward for persistence and hard work is often the need for more persistence and hard work. But publication is a heady delight, a dangerous drug, a compelling high and I have strapped on my crampons and downed an energy bar or two and intend to keep on trying to climb up. And then while I'm not looking Christmas sneaks up and sticks a ruddy great slippery incline in the way. Everyone deserves a holiday and ok, I get it, summer is a nice time to have it, but while editors and agents and publishers can put their work down and run away for a beach side frolic with an empty mind and a joyous heart, like an elephant I CANNOT FORGET. I am doomed to fret over my submissions. But edipubligents, do you not want to clear the decks before you slip into your jandalabras? Get rid of all those outstanding subs, there since Adam was a boy? No? Whaddaya mean No? ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH Get me some egg nogg STAT!

(phew someone slipped me a little Dahl and I came over all portmanteau).

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Guinevere said...

This made me laugh, thanks. :) Hope you get the much needed egg nog!