Monday, November 15, 2010

So 2010, were you a good year?

Ha ha - I just love the awkward silence after posting some of my writing up. I confess the piece I posted comes some way through a novel so it seems a little legless because there is no set up for the reader at this stage. Completing this novel is one of the things I have achieved this year. That's right folks, its time to reflect on the year that's been now it is nearing the end. At the end of last year my plan was to finish some of my bigger writing projects, keep submitting, including to overseas publishers and do another university paper. I've done the university paper. I completed two of my bigger projects - one I am very happy with and one that still needs work to iron out some kinks and fudges. I embarked on a new project after bravely pursuing and successfully getting a contract for it. I had some rejections, some bearable, some hard, I had an unexpected success and there are still some submissions out there from the beginning of the year. An anthology of short stories including two of mine came out last month (Pick 'n' Mix Volume 1, Scholastic NZ). I conducted a half day 'writing for children' workshop for adults, have done several talks to adult groups, have been invited to three or four schools for author visits and have run a creative writing extension programme at the local intermediate school which ironically was extended. I have been part of the most wonderful fun writing project which is now sadly coming to an end (the story is nearly complete - the last chapter will be posted next week) which you can read here at . I joined facebook and have made friends here and overseas. I am on the organising committee for a conference for children's writers and illustrators to be held in Auckland next April - Spinning Tales (check it out here). I have learned more about writing, I have kept writing and I have learned more about presenting and public speaking. I have learned how to drive over the harbour bridge. It would be fair to say it's been a busy year. All in all its been a good year. What about you? Have you been busy? Have you completed a project? Have you submitted your work? Had a great result? Done something new or different? I am going to pat myself on the back and give myself a treat. You should too. Bring on 2011


Fifi Colston said...

good thoughts...
last year you predicted 2010 would be a pantser- I disagreed and then went straight into the pantsiest half year in history!
It got better in Septemeber and I really can't predict anything for next year, but I promise to get half written novels finished and I start with illustrating a book by David Hill, so if we doiscount income as such, it could all be good!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to be a downer but I have to say 2010 was a grueling year for me! I clawed my way through it on hands & knees a lot of the time. But the worst is over thankfully. My tweenage series I've been working on the last 5 years crashed, burned and all lives were lost in the blaze. But on the upside I did take an online writing course that created merry havoc -- a veritable revolution in my way of writing and even the way I think about writing. I rose again on the third day, and now I begin again, to write. Bring on Christmas, the holidays and a New Year! Yvette Carol