Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new book, by me

The publisher has said yes to a chapter book I am writing. Publication date (unless the wheels fall off) is March 2012. Although experience has taught me that things can change I am going to savour this moment. For the 10 to 12 year old reader, this is the project I have mentioned before that is very dear to my heart and I am excited it will be in print.

One of the issues many writers can face is the feeling of powerlessness. Stories are essential to the publishers but they are spoilt for choice. Chatting with some writer friends yesterday, one described her recent strategy for dealing with that issue. She has now developed an action plan which has given her back some control over her situation. I realised that I had come to the same conclusion/result via a different route. Over the last month or two I have been advocating for myself, asking questions, and putting myself forward. The results have all been positive and in addition I have to say I feel very proud of myself. Too many times in the past I have been a shrinking violet but the funny thing is when you take more control and act confident people treat you differently, and in a good way. I know my new approach won't always have positive results but at least I'll know I tried. I might fail if I try, but I can guarantee I will fail if I don't try. Don't hang back in the shadows people, no one can see you there!!


Old Kitty said...

yay!!! WELL DONE YOU!! Congratulations!! Yay!!

Come out of the shadows and into the light - it's blinding and beautiful and blindingly beautiful!!

That really is good news!! Yay!! Yay!!

Yay again!

Take care

Fifi Colston said...

That is such good news- yay yay yay!
It takes something this industry- patience, work, more patience...

Welshcake said...

Melinda, I am so pleased for you. Great news.

Chris said...

Exciting news! So pleased for you. It's so hard to be patient isn't it, but March 2012 will roll around before you know it. Congratulations!