Monday, August 2, 2010

Apparently I am an adult - surely i can write a story for them

Fabo has its first winners and the second chapter is now posted over at . One of my favourite things is all the children who have rocked up to participate in our crazy scheme. I am so impressed by what they are writing. It is quite a thrill to find so many book loving, great writing kids. My second favourite thing are the illustrations that accompany the two chapters. We love them so much we are doing our best to organise some more. This juggernaut is growing and gathering momentum and who knows where it might end up. Yeehah!

Special mention also needs to go to fellow writer and blogger on the other side of the planet, Miss Windsor (aka Welshcake) for her fabulous win at for Children's Fiction Book of the Year 2010 with The Scarlet Heart. Fantastic news!!!! This must become a book!!!!

I have finally shoved another assignment in the post and will shortly be beginning the next one. I am thinking right now that I may take a sabbatical next year so I can actually do some writing. Yesterday I had a go at getting down on paper the adult short story that has been knocking around in my head. Ha ha - it reads like a short story for kids with grown up themes. Ack. I shall persevere. After all, I am an adult and I do occasionally read fiction for adults. I also have to do some research as its set in Pakistan where I have never been and of which I know little.

It is raining again but earlier this morning the water just hung in the air in a gloomy fog. It would have annoyed me if I hadn't been so fascinated. The rain was so light it was suspended, fixed in an earth bound cloud. Much better than the poxy stuff thats falling now. Even the vegetation is over it.

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Old Kitty said...

My goodness - I just read the winning chapter 2 entry by Sophie Dillon and I'm like - wow!! How old is this child?!?! It's brilliant! Well done Sophie!

And yay for Welshcake - that's great news!! Yay!

Good luck with your adult story! Perserverance is very good indeed and it's weird because I've seriouly just read Nicola Morgan's blog piece on perseverance! Talk about coincidence!

Awww I love your last rain para. It's what a colleague calls "wet rain" as in silly splashes that sort of gets you wet but then doesn't really do much else. LOL!

Take care