Friday, February 19, 2010

Existing in a state of hesitation...

After dubbing young Johnny Weir 'fallen angel' the other day on my blog I was somewhat surprised to see him skate to Fallen Angel for his free programme yesterday at the Winter Olympics. I didn't know, really, I didn't. I must have ESP...or spooky coincidence syndrome. I know very little about him having read no press and seen only a small item on the news t'other night, but based my naming in my post on this and on his magnetic and mischievous presence and performance in the short programme. More than ever I want to base a character on him...

Found an interesting post at Nicola Morgan's blog today on the question of how risk averse publishers are right now. Love the comparisons she makes with the publishing world of the 60's and also enjoyed her link to the Kidlit blog where they also talk on this topic. I don't know how much Kidlits comments can be applied here in our small but perfectly formed country. Things are certainly leaner and tighter and a shade more conservative. With Google, and technological developments and even the way we communicate in a state of constant transformation the playing field seems to be adjusting itself daily and everyone seems to be existing in a state of hesitation. Is this a pause before a complete transformation or just the state we must now work in?

For a spot of extremely cute light relief go check out the fab hamster in the sidebar at Old Kitty's blog. Now I don't need anymore fun things to distract me from tasks at hand - and I am emminently distractable - but there are also good posts to read, useful links and like following Alice's white rabbit, even more blogs to go check out.

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