Sunday, November 15, 2009

They're growing up...

I can't seem to make Creative New Zealand care for me. They still don't want to give me money. And I am still struggling to find out what part of my application is letting me down. Is it my writing, my project, my newbie-ness or my chocolate addiction (I have been trying to get help!). Will they ever give me the big tick? Hmmm - its all very frustrating.

Still these pictures cheered me up no end - my eldest up on high during warm up at the Allstar Cheerleading Internationals held in Auckland recently (her two teams 1st and 2nd equal) and above, my SO and my sweet Halloween baby. (There are only videos of my youngest so I will have to post a piccie of him in the future).
And I am nearly finished a junior fiction novel. It was previously unfinished (at around 32,500 words) because it had plot confusion so I've been editing to tidy that up and have finished that and now just need to write the ending (which I already know). I intend to complete that before we go away on holiday in December. All of you out there will have to keep me honest :)


Welshcake said...

I'll keep an eye on you, if you keep an eye on me!

TK Roxborogh said...

I didn't again - it's the third time I've applied for funding for the trilogy. The first time, the advisor said someone reckoned the story would 'unlikely to engage the audience'!!
Despite all the hype, my bank account is very dry. I won't see any of the money from sales until the 1st of April 2010.

Back to the marking. Today I do not like being a writer.

Anonymous said...

Second time Ive been turned down from Creative NZ too. And I had advice from someone who's had acceptance before.... which leads me to believe my application was extra crappy, or maybe the rules have changed since my friend had her funding. I like the second theory better :-)

Fifi Colston said...

I've been turned down 7 times! 8 if you count the time I put my name on the conference funding application (we got that on the third go with my name removed of the application) I just don't bother with it anymore. So, I have two WIPs and am doing what bring the income in. Painting and running workshops. So you aint alone Melinda. Just keep to your commitment as a writer. A great writer!

Melinda Szymanik said...

That was my fourth application I think. I suspect I'd have more chance with lotto. It bums me out some times that the thing I'm good at is such a poor paying career. Still I'm proud of what I've achieved so far 'without assistance'.

And thank you Fifi (blushes)