Thursday, September 24, 2009

Juicy snippets on the Interverse

Thank you to Graham Beattie for mentioning my blog on his yesterday. And my two favourite conference co-conveners, Fifi and Maureen too, for mentioning mine on theirs as well. I hope folk visiting have found something of interest in my raves on the conference. I would like to post more on what I heard there but I found a couple of juicy snippets across the Interverse over the last few days that I just have to mention.

Go look at this lovely little post on what kids are really after when they read. It all boils down to this:-

Take this fine advice from young T., a third-grader from Park Slope: "It's like when you think you are going to care about the book, but then no stuff happens, so you get bored and then you read a different book." Or wee L.: "If the people aren't doing anything cool the book is dumb."

Things have to happen. Its about action, man! Thats about as clear as you can get.

And, in the spirit of honesty which I found very refreshing at the conference, here is a great post from Nicola Morgan on why she writes

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