Sunday, June 14, 2009

Which television series would you like to live in...

Remember how grumpy I was several weeks ago cos I hadn't heard back from publishers about my submissions - I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD! Sorry for shouting. I am doing my very BEST to be patient which is the hardest thing in the world for me and it still isn't good enough because patience is just rewarded with more waiting. Sigh.

I am off on another school visit tomorrow. Last week it was Campbell Bay Primary and the week before Remuera Primary. Next week it is Panmure Bridge Primary. Tomorrow it is Manurewa Central Primary. I hung out in Manurewa a bit in my youth, what with growing up in Mangere and all. School visits are cool. It is the driving there and back that is the stressful part. As a devoted watcher of Star Trek over the years I hoped they would have sorted this tele-transportation business out by now. They've had forty something years to turn their cool idea into reality. Thats plenty of time, surely. Marcus Chown in his book Quantam Theory Cannot Hurt You (not true - it hurts my brain every time I read some) talks about the theoretical possibility of tele-transportation. The way subatomic particles behave it is possible. Except (isn't that word a major drag sometimes - a bit like 'but' really, but not 'butt' which just tends to make me laugh - sad innit) some other aspects of subatomic particle behaviour screws up all the potential. Surely with all the people who hate driving they would have come up with some way better alternative to public transport by now!! Maybe if I lived in the television series it would work. Which television series would you live in, if you could?

And sorry, its my fault its just started raining again - I hung some washing out. Sometimes I think I do it just to thumb my nose at the weather. Sadly the rain always has the last laugh.

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