Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things i want for christmas...

Things I want for christmas - 1) obedient,tidy, home loving teenagers, 2)acceptance of any of my manuscripts out there doing the rounds, 3) lotsa really good chocolate, 4) calorie and hangover-free yummy champagne (that is still actually champagne, not the alcohol and fun free kind cos then there's no point), also 5) world peace and a global economic bounceback. I already have gorgeous husband, good health, three switched on kids, loving family, a warm, dry house in a fab suburb in a great country. Thats a lot to be grateful for and i shall do my best to quit whining. I rang the quit whining hotline last night but they got sick of my complaints and hung up. Maybe they'll feel differently tonite. I may need liposuction after lotsa chocolate and real world good champagne. Its my birthday this week. Maybe I can get that as a present.

So now for some end of year best ofs...Okay, i think Tania Hutley is right when she says that end of year lists are like stocking padding but if you haven't already heard, seen or read them I'd recommend these things. Best movie I've seen this year - Dark Knight. Best books I've read - The Boy in Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, Catherine called Birdy by Karen Cushman, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Dave Levithan and some woman whose name i can't recall right now, and Slam by Nick Hornby. Also Monster by Walter Dean Myers and Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. I totally love picture books that make me cry. And if you are a New Zealander who can cope with some salty language and you haven't already seen every episode to date then go and borrow all the Outrageous Fortune DVDS from season 1 through to the end of season 4 and WATCH THEM. These people know how to tell a good story. There is lots of very good reasons why it is the longest running home grown television series ever.

And last but not least have a safe and happy christmas. Hug your loved ones, be zen and relax!

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Tania Hutley said...

Another mention, how exciting. When I said 2008 lists were stocking-padding, I didn't mean your one.
Actually, I just finished Slam a couple of days ago and loved it (of course). Nick Hornby rocks!