Friday, December 26, 2008

Okay, its official, I'm a year older...

Okay - its official - I'm a year older then I was two days ago. Alright I'm only two days older than two days ago but after my birthday I have to officially add a whole extra year to my age. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Aging has a scary in-to-the-unknown (like how wrinkly am I gonna get and what will MY health issues be and will I even remember who i am) quality about it which I'm personally not a big fan of. I'm keen to see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button not just cause I like Brad Pitt (its his acting I tell you) but also because I'm hoping for some new insights on this whole aging, birth, death thing. But lets face it - is there anything new that can be added to our understanding of how the whole birth, life, death process works - no surprises there really. You read those things where the eighty year old lady says if she had her life to live over again she'd eat more cake etc...etc...but being real here, if she ate more cake she probably would have carked it at sixty and she wouldn't be waxing lyrical at eighty about leading a more hedonistic life. Hindsight is a fabulous but ultimately annoying thing and hindsight seems to be the main thing I have more of these days. Yes I should have worn more sunscreen when I was younger. Yes I should have complained less about how much I weighed and how I looked because really I was trim, energetic and unlined and I didn't really appreciate how elastic everything was until the elastic started losing its boing. Life's cruel joke perhaps?

But whatever I think about aging and how it applies to me I can't complain about the fabulous lazy day I had on Boxing day. Friends and family texted best birthday wishes or rang me. It was a perfect sunny day. I didn't have to cook (my favourite birthday tradition) or prepare any food. My children didn't argue (only minor bickering). We shopped, I watched HSM2 on tv, did a jigsaw, lay around, ate and drank, and whooped with joy when that horrible contestant got eliminated on America's next top model. I got lots of hugs. It was all lovely. I wish everyday was my birthday except for the fact that my age would now be a ridiculous number. But then my age would be totally outrageous and therefore meaningless and maybe I wouldn't care about it at all. Still, I've got a whole year to get used to this age - I'll let you know how it pans out.

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