Saturday, August 23, 2008

When the voice becomes powerless...

Still thinking on voice. Perhaps voice for me is the 'personality' of the story, whether its via the main protagonist or the story at large. Or its 'heart'. Without heart or personality we would not be able to connect with the story. I am lucky that it seems to be an instinctive part of how I write. But this makes it difficult to advise someone else how to do it. In some ways I do not want to know the nuts and bolts of how I do what I do. I am a little nervous that if I understand too much about the process it will take away the magic and my writing will become flat and heartless. I guess that potentially rules out teaching writing as an adjunct to my writing career. Although at the moment I am asking 'what writing career?'. A few things I thought were done deals have become wobbly or the wheels have dropped off completely. Just when I thought I was in control of my situation, I find myself powerless again. This has been a bit distressing and I'm sitting here thinking, 'I'm not sure where to go from here.' My modus operandi isn't working and I feel the need to find a new approach. How much squeaking should this wheel be doing? I don't want to just give up on things but my head is getting a bit flat on one side from all the knocking against the brick wall. I'm off to see Mamma Mia this afternoon which I hope will be a bit of a boost. Then if i can get all my children back to school this coming week I might find some time to figure it all out. Wish me luck

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