Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blessed feedback and the intrusions of real life on my whinging time...

There seems to have been a small flood of rejections for friends in the last few days. For me I think my stuff has fallen off the edge of the desk into the void that is the round holed file. Although it is bad news to be rejected, on a positive note there has been feedback where there has been none before. Feedback is sooo hard to come by, it is a refreshing and welcome change to be given some. I am now waiting for my rejections with feedback. I love feedback. It can take me weeks to translate my rejection letters using the subtle art of rejectomancy. What are their true meanings? There are many degrees of no and some are less depressing than others. If I have to have a no, a why will make me so much happier.

But sadly I am still in the 'no news' zone. All my little fishing expeditions have been fruitless. I am still banging away at my two stories but feeling a bit lack lustre about both. This is dumb because I need new material to keep this whole 'juggernaut' moving. Like a snort of something illicit, I want a short story or picture book to just pop out and get snapped up. But there are no magic short stories or picture books 'popping', just the 'real world' fun of force feeding the cat her medication, and doing the grocery shopping with the quick side trip to Geoff's Emporium for fabric for my middle child's school project which needs to be dropped off at her school five minutes ago.

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