Friday, January 10, 2020

The need to be hopeful...

So, as much as it is dominating social media and msm and conversations everywhere, I'm not going to talk about the current state of the world. It is an existential nightmare and I intend to help where I can, but better minds than mine are highlighting the issues involved and I can't improve on that. What I can say is that creating beautiful things that help explain the world or give relief to people is still vital. Now more than ever. So I am trying to stay updated and informed.

When the world is a bonfire and you write for children there are extra challenges in reflecting their world back at them. They are growing up into this world and need hope and practical strategies to navigate their future. How do we explain things without freaking them out and giving them anxiety about what lies ahead. They need reassurance and advice. Leavened with fun and wit. And hope. So it's important that creators like you and me keep our own hope alive. Some days I'm not sure how to achieve this. At the grass roots we have so little control or power. Perhaps focusing on how we can help our audience is one way we can maintain hope and do our bit to contribute positively. 

I guess though that maintaining a hopeful front when you feel anything but, can be a bridge too far. Self care is paramount. This is where reading can be a good strategy. If children can find relief in literature, so can we, while simultaneously being reminded of the power words (and story) have to give us the support, tools, and ideas for surviving whatever is thrown at us, and the hope we need to keep going, including with the writing. Don't stop now people, the future needs us.

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