Sunday, October 13, 2013

Win a copy of While You Are Sleeping...

Time for a book give-away methinks. My new picture book While You Are Sleeping is out this month. I am having a wee launch next month to wet the baby's head (so to speak) but as this is the actual birth month a give-away seems like a good way to kick things off. If you want to know more about the book here is the front cover

here is the back cover

here is some information on the wonderful illustrator Greg Straight. And here are some more reviews to give you an idea of what it's all about. From KidsBooksNZ and Around the Bookshops.

To win a copy
I recently came across a word I had never ever heard or read before - ratiocinative. A few years before that the word gallimaufrey caught me by surprise. Especially when I came across it twice in the space of about twelve hours in unrelated sources. To win a copy of the book (your choice of hardback or soft) post your favourite obscure word in the comments and the winner will be the one I like the best. Competition closes Friday 5pm - relatives of the author, illustrator and publisher may not enter. No correspondence will be entered into. Judges decision is final cos she's in charge.


Maureen Crisp said...

Melinda has shown great fecundity in the last few years.

Cath Mayo said...

Melinda has written her books with the minimum of obfuscation

Anonymous said...

At my age I have to resort to confabulation. lol

AniaBiazik said...

Melinda's stories are pabulum to my soul.

Andrea in ABQ said...

My daily dose of fermented cod liver oil is potent yet satisfyingly dense like the firkin that certainly governed its maturation.