Sunday, March 24, 2013

There was cake...

Drum roll please......with just a few entries for my book give-away, I can report the randomiser had a hard time picking a winner.  Noizy - you are the winner. I have emailed you for your address and a signed copy will be in the post to you shortly.

Had the book launch for A Winter's Day in 1939 yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came. And to all those buying the book!! I will post some photos up shortly. It is great to have the book officially launched, and its head wetted.

I have fretted over the content of this book more than any other. As much as it is my father's story I have fictionalised it to draw the reader in and give a clearer arc for characters and plot. The real Polish refugees had endless days of hunger, suffering, pain and waiting. Their existence was the stuff of immense sadness and horror and I have worked the material into a form which I hope gives a sense of how tragic the circumstances were without giving future readers nightmares. My hope is that new generations of children are introduced to a little known side of World War 2 through my book. I hope the blend of fact and fiction gives them sufficient information to pique their interest and keeps them reading to the end.

I made this cake for the launch, basing the decoration on the Polish Flag - it was a very big cake and chocolatey on the inside.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Now that's a cake and a half! How wonderful! Huge congratulations with your very successful book launch!!! And cake!
:-) Take care