Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wait...I have all the answers...

1. Words are magic. Keep rearranging them until the spell works
2. Words hum when they are happy
3. Invest in a good chocolate
4. The reason no one tells you the secret of their success is because, as the Transformers movie demonstrates, nobody really knows.
5. Having good luck takes a lot of practice
6. Satisfy yourself first with your writing. Anyone else you satisfy is a bonus.
7. Grammar is not optional
8. No one really understands all the rules of POV. Think of it like dialogue - as long as you know who is speaking and it fits with what is going on, it should work, unless it doesn't
8. No one has all the answers. Be suspicious of anyone who says they do
9. W(h)ining is for grapes
10. Don't let ignorance be the reason for your mistakes - other kinds are allowed
11. Life, and publishing, are under no obligation to be fair to you. It isn't always fair to them either
12. Stay hopeful


Tania Hutley said...

Nice post! Although I must confess sometimes I do like to get amongst the grapes and have a w(h)ine... :)

Imogen said...

Holding hard to no 12...