Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here's one I prepared earlier...

Well folks I have succeeded in growing one to full size. A child that is. My eldest turned eighteen yesterday and in this fair land of ours she can do just about anything (except launder her own clothes apparently) - vote, drink, marry, enlist, and move out. She is moving out, kind of, shortly, to embark on a student exchange to the US of A for twelve months or so. It will be easier and harder without her.

This morning I went down to Maungawhau Primary School to award some Fabo Writing Prizes to students at the school. Congrats to Josh and Matthew and all the students and their wonderful teachers, especially those in rooms 22 and 23 who have been making stupendous writing efforts to meet the 2011 Fabo Challenge. Go check it out at


maureen said...

Yup...That's the hard one understanding that they can do all those things legally but still can't do their own laundry!
Mine is ten months ahead of yours and still has difficulty...
Yay for the Maungawhau Kids!!

Old Kitty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful daughter!!!!!!

NO way would I say you've got an 18 year old child! No way!!

Congrats to Josh and Matthew too! Take care