Sunday, March 20, 2011

future authors...

Visited the school my sister is a teacher at last Friday. I read my short story The Monster Under My Bed, from Pick 'n' Mix: Volume 2 and then The House That Went to Sea which both seemed to go down well. The children were fabulous and asked great questions about writing and being a writer, although one of my favourite questions was "who is the better cook, you or your sister?" I sensed a set up here but if the Diplomatic Corp had heard my response they may have hired me on the spot - I'd like a posting to New York thanks. It is incredibly rewarding to visit with children who are so enthusiastic about books and reading. And there is always at least one student in the audience who has 'future author' written all over them. You can see it in their eyes. It is so exciting to meet them.

Tomorrow I'm talking to school groups at Devonport (9.30am) and Birkenhead (11am) Libraries with The House That Went to Sea illustrator Gabriella Klepatski about creating the book, for NZ Book Month. On Friday I am reading from my books at Massey Library at 1pm and at Mt Roskill at 6pm with other authors to raise money for Christchurch. It will be a change to just read. Maybe I will include an excerpt from my WIP.

Organisation is preceding apace for Spinning Tales and as we get very close to the event we are finalising details and slotting all the pieces into place. I am boxing on with the novel, now approaching 35,000 words and I think it is in pretty good shape. I think the end is in sight. I will be happy and relieved when it is done but excited also that this story has been told. Back to work I think

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Old Kitty said...

Oh see, now I wish you could look into my eyes and see "future author" too! LOL!!!

But seriously! It's great that the children love your books and reading and story telling!! Yay!!!

Good luck boxing on with your novel! take care