Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I need a holiday...

Feeling a bit stressed at the moment - my men are away on a week long soccer jaunt to the beautiful port city of Tauranga, the SO coaching and the son playing at an intermediate schools multi-sport tournament. All rather cool really but I can tell you right now by the end of the week we are ALL going to be shattered and there is a soccer tournament for the SO's team (will he play, my bionic knee boy? - I don't know) on Saturday and my eldest's cheerleading competition on Sunday at which I am helping all day with fundraising for more overseas travel for her. Eldest starts school exams tomorrow which go for most of next week too and today my middle child is having six teeth out, including two still up in her gums. I am working on an essay and have some writing to do when I am not driving offspring around for appointments. I am sure the dog is having murderous thoughts as there is not enough time for his regular walks. I fear waking in the night to find him standing over me with a cocked revolver. Of course I can't begin to imagine how those living in Christchurch must be feeling right now after last Saturday's devastating earthquake. So, so very lucky that no lives were lost but so much destruction and the daily fabric of life ripped to shreds. I have been impressed by how the machine of repair and restoration has smoothly swung into action but normalcy looks to be still some time away.

Ideas are afraid of me right now. If they appear inside my head they bounce around like an agitated electron, unable to stop for more then a few seconds at a time. I can't seem to settle to anything. My one relief at the moment (the one thing I don't have time for and shouldn't be doing but if I don't I may explode) is reading Holly Black's White Cat - okay I think I figured out the main plot twist after the first page and I reckon I know what is going to happen and why, but I DON'T CARE. The writing is so sweet and delicious and mind feeding that I am bowling along at a rate of knots thoroughly enjoying the experience. I may just have to post up a short review when I am finished and let you know if my assumptions were correct (not that I would ever reveal what those assumptions actually were). If my brain doesn't explode and my head doesn't fall off normal transmission will return next week.


maureen said...

I have just finished City of Glass, the last of The Mortal Instuments series by Cassandra Clare. Cassandra is in Holly's Critique group and the series was a first book debut etcetc.
The acknowledgments read like a who's who of YA authors who encouraged her to keep writing. The story rips along and is a very good read!!!

As they say if you want to be a writer you have to read read read...so hard sometimes (lol) The funny thing as I was telling a junior writing student of mine is that to write the book would have taken about a year...and I read it in six hours. Doesn't equal the blood sweat and tears put in does it...

Old Kitty said...

Oh I do hope you get to have a little break - or just some me time if only for a few hours or so!!!

Glad to know you and your family are ok from that awful earthquake. The pics of devastation are just terrible and yes, thank goodness no-one lost their lives.

Good luck with your children's various acitivities! :-) Hang on in there, christmas is just round the corner! Oh but seriously!!! Good luck!

White Cat sounds like my kind of book (the title alone is a big draw for me! LOL!). I look forward to your review.

Take care