Monday, December 7, 2009

We live in risk-averse times...

Went to a christmas work do last night with my SO which included a screening of The Time Traveller's Wife. I enjoyed the movie and I cried. I think it successfully captured the essence of the book and managed to convey enough of the complex story although there is no doubt in my mind that the book is the superior beast. Yes we know in the movie that Henry and Clare love each other but the book gives us every reason why. And even though the movie is a summary that cannot fully capture the depth and breadth of the book, it is still a moving and satisfying love story. Rachel Mc Adams and Eric Bana were great.

Love Fifi's velvet Jesus. Go check it out here. Its especially cool that he has a hint of a smile - I like to think he might have smiled sometimes (after all he wasn't an author trying to get published).

Was interested to see on Beattie's Blog this morning that Viking is rejacketing Edward de Bono's backlist and Jeffrey Archer is being paid 18 million pounds for an as-yet unwritten 5 book series. While I might be persuaded by the argument that celebrity books and big name commercial writers might help publishers also publish less commercial propositions, this is a huge amount of money to tie up. How many books by new or mid list authors could be published with 18 million pounds? And who knew that a publisher even had that kind of money? Especially in the current economic climate?? And while I can only dream of having any of my books stay in print long enough to be rejacketed, rejacketing just seems another sign of these risk averse times. My sighs can probably be heard in Invercargill. I promise to try and be more cheerful soon.


Ninah said...

I'd been trying to decide if I was going to see TTW - I think I will after your review.

Fifi Colston said...

Jesus not an author not trying to get published! Love it.Though gosh, the story of his life has still out sold Jeffrey Archer.
18 million pounds...and he doesn't even have lovely ankles on which fab new shoes would look good.

Melinda Szymanik said...

exactly Fifi - what will Jeffrey spend the money on? (Cos we all know he's short of a few bob too)

Tania Roxborogh said...

as to the money bit - I recieved my 'royalty' statement from Random today for Space Gum (published last year - I got 1,000 advance) and I still OWE THEM (74 bucks).

But, and the roxboroghs are finally smiling, a lovely large advance came through last night from Penguin for Books 2 and 3 of Banquo's Son trilogy. Can finally buy the youngest a new bra, get the the car tyres done (and the warrent), pay the bills and maybe even have enough left to have a lovely night with hubby on the 17th (it's our 20th wedding anniversary).

I've stopped holding my breath for big money to come from the US - it will come eventually my agent and publisher says but I won't be giving up my teaching job just yet.

Meanwhile, my two kids get to lounge around all day while I'm still at school for the rest of the week and then the summer will be spent working hard on Bloodlines.

(I still live in hope, guys, that one day, one day! I might be like those 'popular' people).

Happy Christmans
BTW excellent summary of TTW - I loved it too

Melinda Szymanik said...

Congrats Tania! Have a fab time on the 17th.