Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Excited about writing...

I got my last assignment back in the post along with the exam to be sat this saturday in the comfort of my own home with my study guides open. It will not (despite possibly appearing otherwise) be easy. I am sure they factor in that it is done at home with the books open and expect a little bit more accordingly. I am required to assess and analyse something previously unseen. And then on Sunday it will all be over. I love being a student but I am always glad when the exam is done. I can smell freedom already.

I have been tinkering away with a new, old manuscript in a happy way on my new toy. If things go well I could have another piece of junior fiction finished and submitted by the end of the month (35 to 40,000 words - yippee). The YA is currently on hiatus. Bahamas I think. Hope it packed sunscreen. It needed a break and it better come back rearing to go is all I can say. In breaking news apparently R Patts and Kristen have finally (FINALLY) come out as a couple. Quel surprise.

Next week as part of NZ Book month (got your book by a NZ author yet?) I am reading The Were-Nana at Thames Public Library (Wednesday 21st) in the morning and running a writing workshop in the afternoon. Then Friday 23rd I am at Owairaka Primary in Auckland for the opening of their new library, along with fab author Kyle Mewburn. They are devoting the day to a love of books - how cool is that!! In early November I am part of a days workshop for children's writers run by KiwiWrite4Kidz on the topic of Before and After Publishing. With most events over and the academic year wound up I will have some large chunks of writing time after this which is a dizzyingly exciting prospect. My eldest has NCEA exams and I will be doing what I can to help her but the rest of the days will be mine. Folks I feel about this like a five year old feels about Christmas.

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Pen said...

Awesome, sounds like you have some fun times coming up. Good luck with exams.