Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lemons into lemonade...

The recession, like a cloud creeping its way slowly across the sky, is gradually starting to cast a shadow. I don't think its a black hole into which we will all be sucked but i do think its going to squeeze us all to the point of discomfort. I know I'm a bit uncomfortable already about how its affected my writing career in recent times. So it was refreshing to read the other day a post titled 'Why Recessions are Good for Aspiring Writers' by US agent Jenny Rappaport at her blog http://litsoup.blogspot.com/ . Like anything else, the recession will cause a shift in the industry and we must adapt accordingly. And i can't cease being a writer just cos money is tight. Thats not how I roll.

BTW congratulations to my writer friend Elena de Roo for having a picture book ms accepted just recently - living proof that publishers are still taking on new works. I can't wait to see this one in the bookshops (mid 2010 I think).


maureen said...

I was interested in Jenny Rappaports comment that as the publishers were tightening up Everyone should use the down time to polish their manuscripts and write something else...yadayada.
Not such good advice for those who make a precarious living...don't give up your day job people...
However the thought did occur to me...The writer could use the 'down time' to lift their web profile. This could be the selling point in getting their manuscript accepted...'Oh yes I have a site ready to go with content written etc...'or 'I've been doing some teaser quiz questions to pique interest...'
or the writer could make themselves so well known on the web everyone(editors) remembers them...
my ten cents...recession... worth
7c now

Melinda Szymanik said...

Yup - the recession is still pretty lemony. Lets face it, writers are always operating in a recession type situation anyway. If a moderately successful writer in NZ still only earns less than $2,000/year in times of prosperity spending extra time writing during a recession might not be the thing. You're right Maureen - using that time to try and improve your saleability is a much better course of action :)