Sunday, October 26, 2008

Enough of politics...maybe its time for a poem instead...

I have had enough of politics. I cannot wait for our election and the US election to be over. I already know who I want to win in both countries. I hate the games that are played, the mudslinging, the name calling, the bitching and gripeing, the dirty tactics and the cheap promises. I hate that they think I can be bought with a single election promise. But, I ask, who will lose out to fund that benefit for me? Because there will never be enough funding to give us all the things we need, let alone the things we want. At least here in New Zealand, no matter how it turns out, I think I will be okay, but I worry about the outcome in the US and what it will mean for the world. I vote Tina Fey for VP!

Enough about politics, and now for something completely different...I don't write a lot of poetry, but sometimes thats just how the words come out. Sorry, this is not a cheerful one. I feel like it might still be a work in progress but I feel like 'tis on the verge of saying what I want it to:-

Important Equations

The science of war says
The square root of the distance from human suffering
Is directly proportional
To reckoning 'whats in it for me'

The mathematics of human nature says
The sum of acquisition and advancement
Is equal to or greater than
Our love for our fellow man

And the theory of relativity says
The person who harms me
Is more likely
To be known to me

Our ability to laugh at the misfortunes of others
Has not yet been explained.

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