Monday, September 1, 2008

How clever am I?...

How clever am I? This morning I figured out all the people I could have introduced myself to last night at the NZ Book Month Launch in Auckland. There are so many people I don't know. Although I have heard her speak I have never met Jenny Hellen from Random (a short story of mine was in the 2007 anthology, Dare and Double Dare published by Random). And I would like to also meet Vicki Marsden from Penguin/Raupo. But I'm not kicking myself in the leg over these missed opportunites because I can't remember what Jenny Hellen looks like and I have no clues what Vicki Marsden looks like either. Nobody wore name tags at the event last night and I had no connecting people who could introduce me. Even if i did know which ones they were I am (despite all evidence to the contrary) a very shy person who finds it difficult to go up to complete strangers and strike up a conversation. I suspect that publishers are afraid of meeting writers at such events anyway and its possible these introductions do not help in the long term.

The do was very enjoyable. I had my best man by my side and lovely people to talk to. It was fun to eyeball a few famous sorts - Miriama Kamo is even more lovely in person, and I'm a huge fan of Tammy Davis - and the entertainment provided by three actors and their ringmaster was superb. The food and drink were yum and the venue - Hopetoun Alpha - is gorgeous especially when done up in fairy lights. And its always fun to have an excuse to dress up. I went out and got myself a very fitting little slip of a dress from a cheap girly clothes emporium - very sorry, no photos, i completely forgot - I'd sighed over some designery frocks and wished I could wear one, then I remembered I'm an author and I can't afford label clothing. I had to suck in my tummy all night (good excercise) but i felt pretty dressed up. I hope this is not the last time i get invited to an event like this. I almost felt like a real author.


The Scarlet Tree said...

Oh how exciting! (and sorry to hear about dear pussy cat)

Melinda Szymanik said...

'Twas way cool. The only problem with these events is they only leave you wanting to go to more of them. I feel like a child at Christmas - I wish it was book month every month!